Credit Card


November 6th, 2023

As your BFF (Best Financial Friend), we work tirelessly to provide the most convenient products and services for all your banking needs therefore, we are changing our credit card program and all current cardholders will receive a new VISA Credit Card. On November 6th, the conversion will be complete and your previous credit card will no longer work. You should receive a newly designed card prior to conversion. Once it arrives, please activate it right away. Note: your new credit card will not work until November 6th. You must continue to use your old card until then. If you have automatic payments set up with your existing card, don’t forget to update them with your new card information on November 6th to avoid any disruptions.

Your Credit Card Just Got Better!

Our new card features include one-call IVR activation and PIN selection, convenient “Tap” for quick contactless transactions, and added protection with 3D Secure to prevent unwanted charges.

Card Support

During business hours, please call 406-363-4631 for assistance. For after-hours, please call:

  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card (U.S.): 888-241-2510
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card (International): 909-941-1398
  • Credit Card Activation & PIN Change (U.S.): 866-762-0558
  • Credit Card Activation & PIN Change (International): 501-588-7531
  • Fraud: 888-241-2440

Benefits & Improvements Include:

IVR Technology:

  •  Allows you to activate your credit card and select a PIN in one convenient call.


  • Easier way to use your Ravalli County CU Credit Card when making purchases during checkout.
  • This is a chip-enabled technology that allows you to “tap” (hold your card for 1-2 seconds above the card reader) making checking out contactless and quick.

3D Secure

  •  An added layer of protection for credit card purchases.

Enhanced Security with 3D Secure

3D Secure is an added layer of protection for credit card purchases. This is a security tool, similar to using a PIN at checkout.

When you use your credit card, certain purchases may require you to identify yourself as an authorized user. With 3D Secure, a randomly generated one-time code will be sent to your mobile device via SMS. Follow the prompts to identify yourself and you are good to go! You will need to keep your account information up to date for this feature to work properly.

Contact Information

Ensure your contact information up-to-date to be able to use your new card with 3D Secure features. Within mobile/online banking, it is easy to update your phone number, email, and address, so you never miss important account alerts or communications.


Coming soon, you will be able to easily and securely make transactions with just a tap of your phone.


Have questions or need further clarification? Below we have shared the most frequently asked questions…

Credit cards were mailed out on 10/19/2023 and typically arrive in 7-10 business days. If you don’t receive your card by 11/1/2023 please contact us.

No. Debit cards will not be changing at this time. We expect all debit cards to receive the same features by Summer 2024 and will communicate when they are going to be replaced.

Contactless cards are safe, highly secure and have the same protection as EMV chip card payment. The data is not in the clear as it once was with a magnetic stripe-only contactless card, so EMV cards are less vulnerable to counterfeit fraud than magnetic stripe cards. Transactions are also cryptographically secure and generate a unique code for each transaction. Therefore, issuers can automatically detect and reject any attempt to use the same transaction information more than once.

The risk for skimming is very low for two primary reasons. First, someone would need a genuine acquirer approved point of sale devive to read the card. Second, long-range skimmers will not work as you need to be within one to two inches of the card to connect to the communication field. Short-range skimmers will not work as the information accessible through the contactless interface is limited only to be contactless-based payment transaction. For example, personal information such as the cardholder’s name cannot be read.

No, the credit card will have a new look!

Yes, since we are issuing new VISA® credit cards, all credit card numbers will change.

No. Each person on the joint account will get their own card with a unique credit card number.

Activate your new VISA® credit card by calling the number found with your new credit card. Your new credit card will not work until November 6th. Your old credit card will no longer work after November 6th so it is important to activate your new card prior to this date.

Effective November 6th, your current non-contactless cards will no longer be operational. To continue using your credit card account, please activate your new contactless card.

No, your current Visa® credit card rate and terms will remain the same.