No Fees...Great Rates!

The convenience of Visa with the peace of mind of a credit union – that’s a Visa you can trust. Low-interest rate of 9.9% APR. No teaser rates and tricky rate hikes. No annual fee. No cash advance fees.

No Annual Fee

No Cash Advance Fees

No Transaction Fees

Visa Credit Card

Shop around and you will see this is the best card to carry. There are no hidden fees and cash advances are the same rate as a regular charge.

Always read the fine print when you receive cards in the mail. If their rates look too good to be true, they usually are!

We don’t do “teaser” rates. You also have the convenience of making your payment in the office, online, or through our mobile app.

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Credit Card Rates

VISA Credit Card
APR* 9.9%
Same fixed rate for all regardless of credit score!

*APR = Annal Percentage Rate.