Youth Week 2024

Making a Difference. One Deposit at a Time.

April is National Financial Capability Month. At RCCU we are celebrating by offering deposit matches on all youth accounts, both new and existing.

All youth, under 18, are invited to come in during the week of April 8th – 19th  to open a savings account or make a deposit into their existing savings account. All youth accounts will qualify for our Youth Weeks deposit match—$10.00 for existing accounts and $15.00 for new  accounts. With every match, the credit union will donate the same amount to Linda Massa Youth Home or Bitterroot CASA. Our goal is to encourage our youth to make a difference in their lives by saving, and that by joining our credit union, they can make a difference by giving back to our community.

In conjunction with our Youth Weeks, we are hosting a Reality Fair for high school seniors at Florence Carlton High School on April 8th. A Reality Fair is a hands-on experience in which students identify their career choice and starting salaries to complete a budget sheet. They are then required to live within their monthly salary while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, food and daycare (if applicable). We will share photos after each event.